Allopurinol 300mg Tablets,

Allopurinol 300mg Tablets,30 Pack


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Product Description


Allopurinol tablets work by slowing down the speed of certain chemicals in your body. The tablets treat high levels of uric acid in the body which can cause gouty arthritis, skin and kidney problems. However, some people may not get any symptoms. Also, allopurinol tablets prevent and treat kidney stones in patients who have high uric acid levels.

Take this medication by mouth once daily or as directed by your doctor. Take this medication after a meal to reduce stomach upset.

It is best to drink a full glass of water with each dose and at least 8 more glasses

What are the side effects of allopurinol 300 mg?
The more common side effects of allopurinol oral tablet can include:
  • skin rash.
  • diarrhea.
  • nausea.
  • changes in your liver function test results.
  • gout flare-up (if you have gout)
What is the best time of day to take allopurinol?
Take allopurinol tablet once a day. It’s usually better to take it just after eating. The tablet should be swallowed with water. It is important to drink plenty of water during the day.
Should allopurinol be taken at night?
Allopurinol is usually taken once daily. However, if your dose is more than 300 mg, your doctor may advise you to take your medicine twice a day. Then, take it in the morning and night, after breakfast and dinner.