Arthrella Tablets 20's

Arthrella Tablets 20’s


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Product Description

Arthrella Tablets 20’s improve malaise and fatigue to painful, swollen joints, from morning stiffness to loss of grip strength. It relieves pain and inflammation of involved joints and aims at salvaging the unaffected joints with atheroprotective medication. Thus, ARTHRELLA is a comprehensive antiarthritic and remission inducer.

Key Benefits:

  • Ingredients such as Erand Tel and Suvarna Paan exhibit immunomodulatory effect
  • It helps in increasing bone regeneration
  • Shallaki Guggul Extract, Nirgundi, and Shunthi have anti-inflammatory properties
  • It helps in minimising joint swelling and stiffness
  • Can be used as monotherapy or as an adjunct to simple analgesics
  • Can be used as a complement to NSAIDs/pain killers