BD Micro-Fine Needles

BD Micro-Fine Needles 4mm 100’s


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Product Description

BD Micro-Fine Needles are compatible with all pen devices for diabetes treatment. In addition, they are long enough to pass through the skin but short enough to avoid reaching the muscle layer.

  • Therefore this product will help to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia.
  • Compatible with all major brands of insulin pens, BD’s Micro-Fine Plus Pen Needles utilize thin-wall technology
  • it is a convenient way to get a precise dose with minimum pain to the person suffering from Diabetes.
  • The benefits of using BD’s Micro-Fine Plus Pen is that it allows for good insulin flow and also lowers the risk for intramuscular infections that are more prone to happen with longer needles.
  • It has been engineered with optimal point geometry for maximum comfort and reliability to people with existing and newly diagnosed diabetes.