Candid Cream 20g

Candid Cream 20g


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Product Description

Candid Cream 20g contains clotrimazole which treats fungal skin infections. As a result, it works by killing the fungi on the skin by destroying their cell membrane.

  • Candid 1% Cream 20gm is not known to interact with any other medicines as such. It is only known to reduce the efficiency of latex materials.
  • Therefore, you are recommended to use other methods of contraception when using Candid 1% Cream 20gm.

How Does It Work?

Candid 1% Cream 20gm acts by binding to the walls of the fungal cells and altering their permeability. This leads to loss of cell contents and cell death. Candid 1% Cream 20gm also has the capability

to stop the formation of the cell wall.