Candid V3 Vaginal Pessaries 3's

Candid V3 Vaginal Pessaries 3’s



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Product Description

Candid V3 Vaginal Pessaries 3’s

Candid V3 pessary contains clotrimazole which is an antifungal. It treats and controls fungal infection such as vaginal candidiasis and yeast infections.

  • Candid V6 Vaginal Pessaries is a Tablet manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.
  • It is commonly used for the diagnosis or treatment of Vaginal infections.
  • It has some side effects such as Itching, Blisters, Burning sensation, Flaking of skin.
  • The salts Clotrimazole (100mg) are involved in the preparation of Candid V6 Vaginal Pessaries.