Cantu Come back curl Revitalizer 355ml

Cantu Come back curl Revitalizer 355ml


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Product Description

Cantu Come back curl Revitalizer 355ml has 100% Natural Shea Butter. As a result, it adds moisture and shine, so your next day’s hair is soft, shiny, and smooth. Use the curl revitalizer to bring your curls back to life with Cantu. Shop for Cantu revitalizer today and enjoy refreshed curls for frizz-free next-day wear.

  • CANTU COMEBACK CURL NEXT DAY CURL REVITALIZER’s award winning formula restores curls back to a frizz-free and full of life state
  • MOISTURIZES: Revives and refreshes curls, coils, and waves with every spray
  • REDUCE FRIZZ: Made with 100% pure Shea butter to add shine to curls and reduce frizz
  • Instructions: Spray on dry or damp hair section by section to restore, refresh, and revive curls, coils and waves. Reapply to dry hair as needed for additional moisture