Cvinton vinpocetine 5mg tablets

Cavinton 5mg Tablets 50’s


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Product Description

Cavinton 5mg Tablets 50’s

Cavinton 5mg tablets 50’s with vinpocetine improves cerebral perfusion thereby improving the oxygen supply of the brain.


Cavinton contains Vinpocetine from vincamine. It increases cerebral circulation and the utilization of oxygen. As a result, it is useful in a variety of cerebral disorders. Shown to inhibit cGMP phosphodiesterase that has may result in an increase of cerebral blood flow.

Reported to have calcium-channel blocker, voltage-gated sodium channel blocker, & acetylcholine release activities.


One can use cavinton 5mg tablets with vinpocetine as follows;

  • Management of psychic and neurological symptoms..
  • Cerebral circulatory disorders of various origins.
  • Vasovegetative symptoms of climax syndrome.

Side Effects 0f Cavinton 5mg tablets

Slight hypotension, occasionally tachycardia, immature beats may occur at times. On long-term treatment, the performance of a blood count is a good option.

Drug Interactions of Cavinton 5mg tablets 50’s

No interactions of the tablets with other drugs were reported, therefore, they can be administered in combination.

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