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Clofort 500mg Capsules 15’s


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Product Description

Clofort 500mg Capsules 15’s medication treats a wide variety of bacterial infections (e.g., middle ear, skin, urine, and respiratory tract infections).

  • It works by stopping the growth of bacteria.

Please note that it only treats bacterial infections and will not work for viral infections.

Unnecessary use or overuse of any antibiotic can lead to its decreased effectiveness.

Clofort 500 mg is an antibiotic used to treat various types of infections.

It is effective in most infections of the respiratory tract ear nose throat lungs and skin.

It is also effective against a bacteria known as H. pylori which is associated with peptic ulcer disease.

Clofort 500 mg is also effective against some infections (e.g. MAC or Mycobacterium avium complex) seen in people with reduced immunity.

  • It stops the bacteria from growing which helps to resolve your symptoms and cure your infection.

Clofort 500mg Capsules 15’s medicine is taken orally preferably either one hour before or 2 hours after a meal.