Cranmed Cranberry Extract Capsules 30's

Cranmed Cranberry Extract Capsules 30’s


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Product Description

Cranmed Cranberry Extract Capsules 30’s is efficient for reducing the risk of “bladder infections”. It has also effective for reducing the smell of urine in people unable to control urination. It works well when used with other related medications to treat bladder infections.

CranMed Cranberry Capsules support the treatment of urine infections in the bladder and help to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections/cystitis caused by E.coli (the most common cause).

The antibiotic-free formula contains the active ingredient proanthocyanidin . With a strength of 36 mg (from highly concentrated cranberry extract) works by preventing E.coli from sticking to the urinary tract and/or bladder . Also helps to stop the burning sensation when urinating.