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Dilatrend 25mg Tablets 30’s


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Product Description

Dilatrend 25mg Tablets 30’s contains the active ingredient known as Carvedilol. It belongs to a group of medicines called beta blockers. This drug treats high blood pressure, angina and heart failure. It works effectively when used with other medications for the heart.

DILATREND contains the active ingredient carvedilol.

DILATREND is used to treat

heart failure
high blood pressure, which is called hypertension

Dilatrend 25mg Tablets 30’s. DILATREND belongs to a group of medicines called beta-blockers. These medicines work by relaxing tightened blood vessels and slowing the heart rate. DILATREND has the additional effect of being an antioxidant.

Heart Failure: Heart failure occurs when the heart can no longer pump blood strongly enough for the body’s needs. Often the heart grows in size to try to improve the blood flow but this can make the heart failure worse.

  • Symptoms of heart failure include shortness of breath and swelling of the feet or legs due to fluid build-up.