Dorco Pace 3 Dispo 3 Blade

Dorco Pace 3 Dispo 3 Blade


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Product Description

Dorco Pace 3 Dispo 3 Blade has three blades with an open flow cartridge. It has a pivoting action for a smooth, close shave following the contours of your skin.

Therefore, its shape will suit your grip. In addition, it is non-slippery and offers a smooth glide after every contour.

  • SHAVE YOUR WAY: If you are most comfortable with a four-blade razor, you will feel right at home with this fine-tuned, disposable men’s shaving system from Dorco. Its ultra-sharp blades and unparalleled flexibility mean no hair will go unshaved.
  • COVER EVERY ANGLE: The tilting head lets you swipe from any direction to quickly mop up any stragglers – especially in the area around your chin and Adam’s apple.