Erovita Malaria Kit

Erovita Malaria Kit


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Product Description

Erovita Malaria kit is a specialist self-diagnostic tool for detecting malaria. Also, it detects both Plasmodium Vivax and Plasmodium Falciparum.

Allow the test, specimen, buffer and/or controls to reach room temperature prior
to testing.

1. Bring the pouch to room temperature before opening it. Remove the Erovita Malaria Kit cassette from the
sealed pouch.

Ensure that you use the kit as soon as possible. Twist off the tab of the buffer vial without
2. Place the Erovita Malaria Kit on a clean and level surface.
-Use a pipette to transfer 5mL of whole blood to the specimen well and then add the entire
buffer and start the timer.
-Use a disposal specimen dropper to hold the dropper vertically; draw the specimen up to the
Fill Line which is approximately 5ml Transfer the specimen to the
specimen well, then add the entire buffer and start the timer.
3. Wait for the colored line(s) to appear. Read results at 10 minutes. Do not interpret the result
after 20 minutes.

  • Also, ensure that you don’t smoke while handling specimens