Giloba Capsules

Giloba Capsules 30’s


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Product Description

Giloba Capsules 30’s contain a high level of Ginkgo flavonoids, which may help maintain blood circulation. It is vital to our body’s good health and well-being. It is beneficial to the elderly who need to enhance memory. Students who are studying for exams or anyone who wishes to have optimum memory activity.

Those with poor circulation and therefore its related problems. In addition, it may enhance hair growth through circulation in the scalp benefits to the skin through improved micro-circulation.

Ginkgo biloba is an herb in  Giloba Capsules 30’s  used to treat

  1. altitude sickness (prevention),
  2. cerebral vascular insufficiency,
  3. cognitive disorders,
  4. dementia, d
  5. izziness/vertigo,
  6. intermittent claudication,
  7. macular degeneration/glaucoma,
  8. memory loss,
  9. premenstrual syndrome,
  10. SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction, a
  11. nd as a vasodilator.