Imigran 100mg Tablets 6’s contains Sumatriptan 100mg which helps in the management of migraines. It relieves the symptoms of migraines and prevents the attack from becoming worse.

Migraine headaches result from the dilatation (swelling) of blood vessels in the head. Imigran 100 mg Tablet works by constricting the blood vessels in the head, stops transmission of pain signals to the brain. Also, it blocks the release of chemicals that cause nausea and other migraine symptoms.

  • Migraines can have a severe impact on your day.

They can happen at any time and often come with excruciating pain, auras, and flashing lights across your vision.

t’s essential to have some way of dealing with migraine attacks, so that they don’t impact on your day more than they need to.

You can take Imigran tablets 100mg from the onset of your migraine, but it is effective at any stage.

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