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Leflox 500mg Tablets 10’s


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Product Description

Leflox 500mg Tablets 10’s. This tablets treat bacterial infections. Also, it treats infections of urinary tract, tonsils, sinus, nose, and throat. The drug also treats female genital organ, skin and soft tissues, windpipe and lungs.

Levoflox 500 Tablet 10’s is an antibiotic that belongs to the third generation of fluoroquinolones. It is a highly effective antibiotic that works against a variety of bacteria.

Levoflox 500 Tablet 10’s is used in a variety of bacterial infections most importantly acute pneumonia (Lung infection), bronchitis (Inflammation of lung passages), skin infections, as well as urinary tract infection.

  • A bacterial infection is a condition in which bacteria grows in the body and cause infection. It can target any body part and multiple very quickly.