Humulin 70/30 100iu 3ml 5's

Miocamen 50mg/ml Suspension 120ml


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Product Description

Miocamen 50mg/ml Suspension 120ml contains Midecamycin acetate. It treats infections in children caused by sensitive germs. The infections include bronchitis,pneumonia, tonsillitis,pharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis,sinusitis, and otitis.

Also, it treats scarlet fever, pimples,pyodermitis, abscesses and phlegmons. It is also active in odontostomatological, urogenital infections and infections of the bile-duct from sensitive germs.


In order to prepare the suspension, slowly add drinking water to the bottle up

to the mark, without shaking.

After having reached the mark, shake the bottle energetically at lenght.

The resulting suspension, ready for use, should be kept in the refrigerator and

used within 14 days.

Always shake vigorously before use.