Humulin 70/30 100iu 3ml 5's

Moza 5mg Tablets 30’sMoza 5mg Tablets 30’s


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Product Description

Moza 5mg Tablets 30’sMoza 5mg is effective in treating constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Also, most indirectly stimulates the release of acetylcholine; a chemical messenger that increases the motility of the intestine. Also, the chemical helps to increase gastric emptying of both liquid and solid.

Moza 5 mg Tablet is used to increase the movement of food from the stomach to the intestine.
  • It speeds up the process of gastric emptying and prevents the reflux of food into the food pipe.
This medicine has prominent side effects on the cardiovascular system and hence extreme caution is advised while taking it.
The amount of time taken by this medicine to show its effect is not clinically established.