Myoatom M Capsules 10`s


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Product Description

Myoatom m soft gel contains the following ingredients.
-Amino Acids
-Vitamins & Minerals.

It helps to increase sperm count, improve sperm motility and contribute to normal sperm morphology. The formula is a food supplement for dietary management in men with impaired fertility who want to have children. Studies have shown that certain micro-nutrients can have a positive effect on the quantity, motility, and formation of sperm, thereby fertility in men can be optimized nutrient-physiological way. Spermatogenesis is a complex biological process that lasts a few weeks (usually about twelve). During this process, the body needs a variety of essential nutrients to support different stages of the development of spermatozoa, such as vitamins, vitamin-like substances, trace elements, minerals, and amino acids. Only those specific substances can provide optimal conditions for normal and complete spermatogenesis. Men with impaired fertility have elevated needs of these substances. A balanced combination of specific nutrients in a regular and streamlined intake in sufficient amounts can positively influence the process of spermatogenesis.