Neuro-B Tablets 30's

Neuro-B Tablets 30’s


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Product Description

Neuro-B Tablet 30’s treats Vitamin b 12 deficiencies, Thiamine deficiency, and Inadequate dietary intake. Also, it treats addisonian anemia, Beriberi, Drug-induced deficiency, Small bowel bacterial overgrowth, and Fish tapeworm infestation. Other indications include- Malignancy of pancreas or bowel, Folic acid deficiency and other conditions.

Neuro-B’s: Vitamin B replacement: Vitamin B1 and B6 constitute part of an enzyme system in the nerve cell .It is necessary for normal function of nerve tissue. They are used in the treatment of neurological disorders associated with nerve cell dysfunction.

Dosage & Administration:
Tablet: 1 to 3 tablets daily or as directed by the physician.
Injection: Preferably injected intramuscularly (deep intragluteal). In severe cases 1 ampoule daily until the acute symptoms subside. For milder cases and follow-up therapy, 2 or 3 ampoules per week.

Neuro-B Tablet: Each pack contains 30 tablets in HDPE container.
Neuro-B® Injection: Each pack contains 5×2 ampoules in Alu-PVDC blister.