Neurocare-D Capsule 30's

Neurocare-D Capsule 30’s


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Product Description

Neurocare-D Capsule 30’s have many uses. They help in relieving symptoms of diabetes as well as improving  insulin sensitivity.  Other uses include improving glucose control and preventing diabetes complications among others

  1. Helps reduce elevated levels of intracellular glucose
  2. Helps block damage by hyperglycemia & counteracts glucose toxicity
  3. Delays formation of advanced glycosylation end products
  4. Reduces heart disease risk
  5. Helps to aver vision loss
  6. Promotes renal health
NEUROCARE- D Capsules Helps to:
  • Improve glycemic control
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Relieve symptoms of diabetes
  • Treat neuropathies
  • Prevent diabetic complications such as Retinopathy, Kidney failure, heart attack risk.

One Neurocare-D Capsule 30’s daily after any main meal or as directed by the Physician.