No Spa 40mg Tablets 20's

No Spa 40mg Tablets 20’s


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Product Description

No Spa 40mg Tablets 20’s is a diastolic drug that reduces pain (painful cramps) in the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs, i.e. in the gastrointestinal tract (stomach and intestines), biliary and urinary tract, and in women also in the reproductive tract.

No-Spa contains the active ingredient drotaverine hydrochloride. This substance is used in the contraction of smooth muscles of both nervous and muscular origin. The relaxing effect of drotaverine does not depend on the type of innervation and the location of smooth muscles (gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system, circulatory system and biliary system).

it contain Drotaverine 40mg. As a result, it is an anti-spasmodic medicine that relieves contractions (spasms) associated with smooth muscles in the abdomen. It aids in menstrual pain and abdominal pain. It relieves pain like menstrual pain, pain due to kidney stones, biliary stones, and gastro-intestinal colicky pain.