Pampers Maxi Size 4 (9-18Kg) 32’s

Baby Weight (in kg): 7-18 kg Diapers  Size 4 has Breathable material with Micro-spores Soft inner layer with lotion to keep the baby’s skin softer.

Pampers Maxi Size 4 (9-18Kg) 32’s:

  • It is the  most recommendation by doctors worldwide, pampers. The diapers offers the ultimate in wetness and mess protection for babies of all sizes.
  • With cotton-soft hypoallergenic materials, diapers are the best choice for your baby’s delicate skin.
  • To keep the baby’s skin comfy and rash-free, the nappies are  added baby lotion and they feature a breathable outside cover.
  • It comes pre-lotion with aloe Vera to help maintain baby’s healthy skin.
  • To complete the 5-star experience, the diapers come with extra absorbing channels. And this is to distribute wetness evenly for trusted dryness and less wet bulk for up to 12 hours. A unique absorb away liner to pull away wetness and mess, keeping the baby dry and comfy through extended use.
  • It is breathable inside and out and have a wetness indicator that turns blue. And so this indicates the diaper should be changed.
  • And so  included disposal tape makes used diaper disposal super easy.