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Proximexa Susp 125Mg/5Ml 50Ml


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Product Description

Proximexa Susp 125Mg/5Ml 50Ml contains cefuroxime. It treats the throat, sinus,ear infections, and lung and chest infections. Also, it treats urine infection, skin, and tissue infection.

Proximexa 125mg is also used to treat inflammation of the pharynx or tonsils, maxillary sinuses, and bronchial tubes inside the lungs. Proximexa 125mg is also used to treat skin rash caused by bacterial infection (early Lyme disease, erythema migrans). This medicine works by weakening the outermost layer of bacteria which leads to the breakdown of the bacterial cells. This medicine helps by preventing the growth of bacteria and removing the bacterial infection from the body.
When not to use Proximexa Susp 125Mg/5Ml 50Ml
Proximexa 125mg Suspensioncannot be used to treat viral infections such as common cold.
Cephalosporin Antibacterials
Proximexa 125mg belongs to the Cephalosporin Antibacterials class of medicines. Cephalosporins are antibacterial medicines that kill bacteria by interfering with how bacteria build their cell walls.