Quest Cran Biotix Women 30Caps

Quest Cran Biotix Women 30Caps



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Product Description

Quest Cran Biotix Women 30Caps is a specialist probiotic and botanical combination. It is designed for use by sufferers of urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis and yeast vaginitis. Each capsules provides 72mg of proanthocyanidins from cranberry extract. A level shown to provide protection against bacterial adhesion and viral activity in the urinary tract.

Oral consumption of probiotic bacteria may lead to colonisation of friendly bacteria in the vaginal area .This is to protect against vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infections and yeast vaginitis. CranBiotix may be used in cases of recurring infections to avoid overuse of conventional medications such as antibiotics.

Common side effects of Cranberry include:
  • Stomach or abdominal upset.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Kidney stones at high doses.
  • Increased risk of cancer oxalate uroliths in predisposed patients.