Humulin 70/30 100iu 3ml 5's

Simvastatin 40mg Tablets 28`s


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Product Description

Simvastatin 40mg Tablets 1’s contain Simvastatin 40mg which treats high cholesterol. It blocks an enzyme that makes cholesterol in the body. Therefore, it lowers “bad” cholesterol, triglycerides and raises “good” cholesterol.

Take this medicine only as directed by your doctor. Do not use more of it, do not use it more often, and do not use it for a longer time than your doctor ordered.

If you are using the oral suspension:

  • Take this medicine on the evening, on an empty stomach.
  • Shake the oral suspension well for at least 20 seconds before using it. Use a marked measuring spoon, oral syringe, or medicine cup to measure the right dose.