Soft Style Advanced Glucometer


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Product Description

Soft Style Advanced Glucometer is a glucose monitoring system that is fast, easy and safe with easily and readily available strips. Basically, when you want to buy a glucose meter, you need to have the basics of how it works. This is because they differ in the type and number of features they offer


  • Test Strips: 25pcs
  • Lancets: 25pcs
  • Sample Type: Capillary Blood
  • Use SoftStyle Blood Glucose Test Strips only
  • NTC of Test Blood: 30~55%
  • Operation Conditions: Temperature range: 10~40°C
  • Measurement Range: 1.7~41.7 mmol/L(30~750 mg/L)

Why buy a Soft Style Glucometer?

  1. Supports both self-testing and professional use.
  2. 180 Test Results Memory with respective dates and time.
  3. Accurate and Easy to use.
  4. A small blood drop is required.