Omastin Dry Suspension 50mg/5ml 35ml

Solvin Plus Expectorant Syrup 120ml


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Product Description

Solvin Plus Expectorant Syrup contains bromhexine hydrochloride and Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride.

Solvin Plus is indicated in those respiratory conditions where tenacious mucous plugs and congestion e.g:


Common Cold,Whooping Cough and Laryngitis. \

Solvin 2mg/10mg Tablet is taken with or without food at the dose and duration recommended by the doctor.

The dosage you are given will be dependent upon your health condition and how you respond to this medication. You have to continue taking this medication for as long as your doctor has recommended. If you stop treatment early, your symptoms might recur and your condition might get worse. Let your doctor know about all other medications that you are taking, as some may affect or be affected by them.

  • It works by relieving nasal congestion and reducing the viscosity of sputum.