Tropicana Slim Stevia Diet Stick

Tropicana Slim Stevia Diet Stick 50s


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Product Description


Tropicana slim is a natural sweetener from the stevia leaf, Stevia has the following benefits:  It does not have sugar, preservatives or calories. Many people like it because it tastes like sugar

Tropicana Slim is a range of sweeteners for consumers striving to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The entire range is based on low or zero calories and is made from natural ingredients and is suitable for diabetics and people following diet regimens.

Health benefits.

  • Tastes and Sweetens just like Sugar
  • Tropicana Slim contains no preservatives and leaves no bitter after-taste, making it ideal for hot and cold drinks
  • Can be used in all your household cooking and baking needs.
  • Helps maintain blood sugar level by limiting sugar consumption.
  • Helps maintain body weight and thus works to prevent diabetes.
  • Has low calories with natural sweetness