Ultra Flex Tablets 20's

Ultra Flex Tablets 20’s


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Product Description

Ultra Flex Tablets 20’s is the advance fortified formula for the management of Osteoarthritis. Also, it provides the pain free mobility.

Other benefits

  1. It slows down the progression of disease.
  2. Reduces the pain due to potent analgesic activity.

Significantly relieves the morning stiffness

Mechanism of Action

Ultra Flex Tablets 20’s delays the osteoarthritis progression & improves pain free mobility by:

  1. Protect and lubricate joints.
  2. Protect joint tissues & cartilages from breakage.
  3. Stimulate cartilage regeneration process.
  4. Keeps the synovial fluid thick and provide cushioning.
  5. Soothes joint & support joint comfort/p>
  6. Provide bone & joint health.