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Urikind-KM Sachets 6’s


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Product Description

Urikind-KM Sachets 6’s is a nutritional supplement formulated with Cranberry extract Potassium magnesium citrate and D-Mannose. Urikind KM sachet prevents adhesion of Uro-Pathogenic E.Coli (UPEC) through both P-type & Type-1 pili.

D-Mannose in Urikind KM prevents attachment of UPEC in bladder walls It also prevents cystitis (Bladder infections) and Cranberry prevents attachment of UPEC to the kidney walls. Thereby preventing pyelonephritis (Kidney infections).

By preventing urinary tract infections, Urikind KM can also help reduce the need for antibiotics. Unlike antibiotics which are useful for mainly acute and existing UTIs . Urikind KM is suitable for prevention as a long-term use.

Urikind-KM Sachets 6’s. Unlike antibiotics Urikind KM avoids development resistance secondary infections side effect and is safe in pregnancy.

  • It is suitable for use in asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnancy recurrent cystitis pyelonephritis post-coital infections recurrent UTIs in diabetics adolescents & peri-post menopausal women.