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Valdoxan 25mg Tablets 28’s


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Product Description

Valdoxan 25mg Tablets 28’s belongs to a group of medicines called antidepressants. It treats depression in adults. Also, it induces a phase advance of sleep, body temperature decline and melatonin onset.

VALDOXAN is used in the treatment of depression or to help prevent depression from returning, and is only available with a doctor’s prescription.

The symptoms of depression vary from one person to another, but commonly include :

  • persistent sadness,
  • loss of interest in favorite activities,
  • feelings of worthlessness,
  • sleep problems,
  • feeling of being slowed down feelings of anxiety, or
  • changes in appetite and weight.

Changes in your daily sleep and appetite patterns are examples of disturbances of your ‘body clock’ that occur commonly in depression.

VALDOXAN can help regulate your ‘body clock’ (circadian rhythm) with positive benefits on mood and sleep in depression.

VALDOXAN is not addictive.

VALDOXAN does not cause discontinuation symptoms and can be stopped without the need to taper dose.