Vitagin M Capsules 30's

Vitagin M Capsules 30’s


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Product Description

Vitagin M Capsules 30’s promote natural resistance and recuperative power of the body. It is a supplement with vitamins and minerals. We recommend it because it prevents aging and reduces fatigue. Also, it acts as a general tonic because it is loaded with several vitamins.

However, if you note the following symptoms, discontinue use

  1. Pruritus,
  2. eruption,
  3. flare,
  4. erythema,
  5. xeroderma,
  6. nausea,
  7. vomiting,
  8. diarrhea,
  9. constipation,
  10. epigastric distress,
  11. anorexia,
  12. abdominal distention,
  13. epigastralgia,

Some of the vitamins Vitagin M Capsules 30’s has include; korean ginseng, royal jelly, Vitamin D2, and many more. Children above 12 years and adults should take one capsule daily.