Voltfast 50mg Sachets 9’s act as a short-term treatment for the relief of acute pain states. Also, it reduces inflammation where swelling is a problem such as back or joint pain, dental pain, muscle strains or sprains, and tendonitis.

  • Voltfast belongs to a group of medicines called “non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs” (NSAIDs), which are used to treat pain and inflammation. Voltfast relieves the symptoms of inflammation, such as pain and swelling, and also reduces fever.
  • Voltfast 50mg Sachets 9’s is used in migraine, take Voltfast as the first symptoms of a migraine attack. The initial dose is 50mg. If relief is not obtained within 2 hours take a further dose of 50mg.

Short-term treatment in post-traumatic & post-operation pain & inflammation; dysmenorrhoea, migraine attack, adnexitis & non-articular rheumatism; as an adjuvant in severe infections of the ENT