Wellwoman Plus Omega 3-6-9 28Caps/ 28 Tablets

Wellwoman Plus Omega 3-6-9 28Caps/ 28 Tablets


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Product Description

Wellwoman Plus Omega 3-6-9 capsules  are rich in nutrients good for women. They have folate, pantothenic acid, and vitB12 for the reduction of tiredness. They are also loaded with iron, and zinc to supply normal energy release.

The capsules improve one’s general health and vitality. Additionally, they have Vit B6 for the regulation of hormonal activity iron for the normal formation of RBCs and haemoglobin.

It is a recommended  pack because it will give you all-round benefits of a wellwoman. As a woman, they should be your number 1 supplement brand.

  1. Suitable for vegetarians
  2. Gluten free
  3. No preservatives
  4. No yeast or lactose