Soft Style Advanced test Strips 50`s


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Product Description

Soft Style advanced test Strips are strips used together with SoftStyle Glucometer. Each packet contains 50 test strips. it helps diabetic patients monitor what makes their blood glucose numbers go up or down


  • Test Strips: 50pcs
  • Sterile Lancet: 50pcs
  • Sample Type: Capillary Blood
  • Storage Temperature :2~30°C
  • Measurement Range: 1.7~41.7 mmol/L(30~750 mg/L)

Each box will have 1 sealed tube containing 50 Blood Glucose Soft Style Test Strips. These test strips are solely for use with the Blood Glucose Monitor and the LipidoCare Meter. Once the tub has been opened the diabetic test strips will last for a period of 6 months providing all instructions for use have been followed correctly.